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El Rincon de la Fortuna

One thing we had clear from the beginning is we wanted to become your fortune corner and that’s why we chose our name El Rincon de la Fortuna, which means The Corner of Fortune. One of the dreams that most people have is to win the lottery, but for that you have to try your luck. In El Rincón de la Fortuna, your place to play the lottery online, you can get tickets for different types of draws. Don"t wait any longer and make your dreams come true.

Can I play lottery online at Rincon de la Fortuna?

One of the clear advantages of betting on El Rincón de la Fortuna to play your lottery tickets is that you can play online. To do this, you can get your tickets to play Lotteries online on our website or through our fantastic application. The best to not have to leave home, being able to play every week and choose your favorite lottery numbers for one of the amazing draws organized by Loterías y Apuestas del Estado.

In this way, in El Rincón de la Fortuna we offer the opportunity to always play your numbers with us without leaving home or going to our physical Administration in Aranjuez (Madrid). An easy and comfortable way to play that draw that can change your life.

How should I buy a Lottery ticket?

If you are thinking of trying your luck in the next lottery draw, but do not know where to get these, we explain it to you. To get your tickets in El Rincón de la Fortuna, you can do it in person, that is, play the Lottery in Aranjuez, where you can find us at the Lotteries Administration Number 1 on Abastos 49 street in Aranjuez. There you can get your favorite numbers, as well as ask for the different draws, always receiving the best attention from our staff.

Another way you have to get your tickets is to play lotteries online. That is, from our website or application you can buy your tickets and favorite numbers, from anywhere and at any time. This way  you can always carry your lottery numbers with you in digital format.

Can I view today"s Lottery results online?

Yes, of course. On our website we have a section dedicated exclusively to the Results of the different games and lottery draws that occur in Spain. There you can perfectly check the result of a specific draw, being able to also see those of previous dates, which will help you know if you have been a winner.

From our application you can also check the results of the different draws, being able to know almost immediately if you have won this draw. In addition, you can quickly compare the results with your numbers, since in the application you will always carry your tickets with you in digital format.

How many years of history does Rincon de la Fortuna have?

The trajectory and history of this lottery administration begins in 1976. That year Josefa Rodríguez decides to embark on a new challenge and establishes the Lottery Administration No. 1 of Aranjuez, with the name "La Esperanza", being the official lottery point of sale number 78785.

An administration was born to play lotteries in Aranjuez. The place that was chosen to found the administration was in a small place, with a single window on Abastos Street, number 60; in the heart of this Madrid town, next to the City Hall and very close to the Royal Palace.

At that time, lottery tickets came in three bodies, one for the client, one for lotteries and one for the lottery administration. The years went by, and machines were introduced that automated the process of the three bodies of the ticket, correctly sending the information to Lotteries. At present, the system has further evolved, and the data arrives at the same time as it is read in the Lottery Administration.

Until 1998 the location of the Administration was this, and that year it was moved to the current location, on Abastos Street, 49. A more spacious place where customers could be served and where Amor Nieto, Josefa"s daughter, continued to serve as administrator from 2006.

During the last years of the administration, fortune has knocked on the door, being able to distribute first prizes of National Lottery on Thursday and Saturday, as well as several Jackpots of the Primitiva. A fifth prize of the Christmas Lottery has also been given, thus increasing the list of prizes given by the Administration.

It is in the year 2022 when the change of administration takes place and where the history of El Rincón de la Fortuna begins.  Jose and Javier González are in charge of taking the baton with the support shortly after from David Marco, addressing digitalization  as a necessity, launching the website of "El Rincón de la Fortuna", as well as an application. With this step, playing online lotteries becomes an excellent option, being able to get your tickets from anywhere and at any time.

Is it safe to play the Lottery in Rincon de la Fortuna?

Totally safe. The Rincón de la Fortuna is an official administration to play Lotteries in Aranjuez and from other parts of Spain. We have an official license from the State for the sale of tickets for lotteries and gambling from “Loterías y Apuestas del Estado”, the Spanish state-owned company in charge of the most important draws you can play in Spain, so all our customers have the guarantee of security at all times.

What should I do if I win a lottery draw?

When winning a lottery draw, it is best not to rush and think calmly. If it turns out that you have bought your Lottery tickets in El Rincón de la Fortuna, you can go to our administration to collect the prize, in the event that it is an amount less than 2,000 euros, or to verify the prize.

Some of the advice we can give you in this administration is that, if you win a great prize, do not get carried away by euphoria and be quite prudent. In the event that the amount exceeds 2,000 euros, you must go to one of the banks authorized by Loterías y Apuestas del Estado.

The good thing about playing Lottery in Aranjuez with us is that, if you consult our website or have our application, in a very short time you will be able to know if you have been the winner of the draw. It is important, in the event that you win, that you are aware of the tax payment you must make.

Up to 40,000 euros the prize is exempt from withholding. From this amount you must apply a 20% tax on the rest of the amount. An example of this is, if you earn 50,000 euros in the primitive, the first 40,000 euros will be exempt from paying taxes, while the other 10,000 you must pay 20%, that is, about 2,000 euros.
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